Welcome to the electronic home of His Britannic Majesty King George III’s 4th Company of Foot Guards, a recreated unit of the British Army in the American Colonies during the Rebellion of 1775-1782. It is our mission to recreate the 4th Company as accurately as possible, in appearance and behavior, in order to educate the public about the true nature and history of the British Army in the American Colonies, and to honour THE soldiers of the Brigade of Guards who so bravely did their duty for King and Country.

The 4th Company, Brigade of Guards in America, commemorates the service of British soldiers in the colonies during our war for independence. The Brigade of Guards was the premier combat unit of the Crown Forces in North America. The Brigade was a composite unit formed for service in America by taking volunteers from each of the regiments of the Sovereign’s personal guards. These groups of volunteers were organized into the ten companies that formed the Brigade. The 4th Company was comprised of officers and men-at-arms from all three regiments of Foot Guards: the 1st Regiment (today’s Grenadier Guards), the Coldstream Guards and the 3rd Regiment (today’s Scots Guards). Today, each member chooses the regiment he wishes to re-create. The difference between each of the regiments we portray is largely in the uniform details, as on campaign we live, eat, sleep, relax and “fight” as one infantry company.

Membership is open to able-bodied males over the age of sixteen, who are physically able to recreate the appearance of a British soldier of 1775. Musicians may apply at the age of fourteen. All minors are required to have parental permission. All others may join the 4th Company as distaff.

All members pay annual dues, which are used to defray the costs of operating the Company. The 4th Company is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax exempt educational organization. Costs associated with this hobby are usualy tax deductible in accordance with not for profit regulations. Members take the public education aspect of the hobby very seriously and see events as a means to share our knowledge about a fascinating period in the formation of our country with others. In addition to the large scale re-enactment events, members make individual appearances at schools, civic organizations, colleges and universities to help advance our educational mission.

Headquartered in Virginia, our membership is composed of good people from several states who share a common desire to come together in commemoration of our British heritage. The recreated company participates in annual events from Massachusetts to Florida and also in Canada. Members have been involved in all major Bicentennial and 225th Anniversary celebrations from Lexington and Concord to Yorktown. Our members have also appeared in and served as consultants to, major motion pictures, including The Last of the Mohicans and The Patriot, as well as numerous smaller scale films, television spots, commercial still photographs and other educational and promotional media.

Families are welcome and encouraged to participate in company activities. This participation adds to the realism of our interpretation, as in the 18th century, soldier’s families accompanied their men on campaign. Patterns and sources are available for women and children to assemble or buy authentic clothing to allow the portrayal of “distaff” during the American Revolution.

This is a family activity, which allows members to travel to historic sites and “live” the history that others may only read about.