The Guide

The Guardsman Guide was written by veteran members of the group as a means of providing for the membership (both new and old) a comprehensive overview of the expectations that comes with one who is reenacting one of the premier fighting units in the British Army.

  • The Full Guide
  • TAB A – Introduction
  • TAB B – Table of Contents
  • TAB C – Dedication
  • TAB D – Appreciation
  • TAB E – Mission Statement
  • TAB F – Vision Statement
  • TAB G – Purpose
  • TAB H – Guardsman's Manifesto
  • TAB I – By-Laws
  • TAB J – Equipment Requirements
  • TAB K – Numbering and Marking Policy
  • TAB L – Inspection Procedure
  • TAB M – Customs and Courtesies
  • TAB N – Manual Exercise
  • TAB OFormation and Marching Maneuvers
  • TAB P – Company Tactics
  • TAB Q – 18th Century Firelock Reliability and Maintenance
  • TAB R – The Blank Cartridge
  • TAB S – Uniform and Equipment Maintenance
  • TAB T – Distaff Clothing and Equipment
  • TAB U – Distaff Bibliography
  • TAB V – History
  • TAB W – Southern Campaign Guide


The following vendors have been excellent partners in providing the appropriate clothing and equipment to accurately reenact the Guards.


The Company recommends the following books as backgrounders for the inquiring Guardsman: